Environmental Graffiti’s Movers and Shakers: Avi Abrams from Dark Roasted Blend

All Images Courtesy of Dark Roasted Blend

A long time friend of Environmental Graffiti’s, Avi Abrams is better known as the founder and scribbler-supremo of Dark Roasted Blend. If you’ve never heard of Dark Roasted Blend, DRB rocks, and if you’ve never taken a trip there, you’re in for a treat. Avi took the time to talk to us about how he began blogging, travelling the globe, things that make DRB unique, finding daily inspiration, and what the future holds. So grab an espresso, hunker down and enjoy the scenery as we chat with Avi Abrams!

From the classic DRB post The Most Dangerous Roads in the World

EG:How did you start DRB? Was it originally a hobby or did you intend to make a living off blogging?

Avi Abrams: Originally it was a hobby – too much surfing during coffee and lunch breaks. I noticed there was a shortage of sites that delivered clean and highly sophisticated visual entertainment. I wanted to make a definitive place on the web for all sorts of weird and beautiful curiosities that will be entirely safe for work and family friendly. Dark Roasted Blend fills that niche today perfectly. We are basically an online coffee-table book, filled with spectacular art imagery, fascinating technology articles and enchanting travelogues.

From the DRB smash article The Most Remote Place on Earth

EG: Tell us a bit about yourself and any particular experiences that shaped your life which we can see traces of in DRB?

Avi Abrams: I love to travel, and have been fortunate to travel extensively in Europe and Asia (with current residence in Canada), so some sort of “joie de vivre” – so evident in European culture – seem to find its way into DRB articles. We strive to promote the “sense of wonder” attitude to travel and scientific discovery, which is often hard to find among the pressures of daily life. My own experiences as an artist (I’ve been doing computer animation and music videos in the past) and musician (I play keyboards) add to the philosophy and vision of Dark Roasted Blend – to be a place of inspiration on the web for many creative people around the world.

From the hit 2008 DRB article Painting with Light

EG: Is there a secret to the blend? What do you think makes DRB a special place on the web?

Avi Abrams: Every day we highlight an entirely different (and often unexpected) side of life, art or travel. The secret is the highly visual presentation of every topic. We can display very wide images, and often do. Our requirement to our team of writers is to come up with stories that can be easily illustrated – to create that “Wow!” factor that the best material on the web often delivers.

From DRB’s popular Abandoned Places section

EG: What does your typical day involve? How do you get your inspiration?

Avi Abrams: Answering emails (we get a lot of suggestions from readers, for which we are grateful) and actually outputting the article takes the most time; however, I also read a lot of fantastic fiction, hike in the mountains, and play piano (jazz and melodic improvisations… I plan to start uploading them regularly). Harmony and good music, new travel experience, spending time with my two wonderful sons – all this gives the inspiration.

From DRB’s famed Futurism section

EG: Are there any particular plans for DRB for the future?

Avi Abrams: We are doing well on Facebook and Twitter – so I am planning to do more updates with personal creative projects (music, writing). We are currently going through classic older posts and converting them to wider image format. Also, forums and DRB-specific community pages are on the way. We are open to any other suggestions from our readers – they are the best audience in the world! (But then, I may be biased).

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From the popular The Most Alien Looking Places on Earth post

Thank Avi you for appearing as part of EG’s Movers and Shakers.