These 5 Pairs of Conjoined Twins Were Separated After Being Born. Here’s How They’re Doing Now

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Today, conjoined twins are not as unheard of as they once were. But while they might still have slim chances of survival, particularly if they share vital organs, medicine has progressed to the degree that many can now be separated. Here we present the stories of five pairs of conjoined twins who were separated by surgery after they were born.

Image: SupportLPCH

5. Angelica and Angelina Sabuco


When twin sisters Angelica and Angelina Sabuco were born they were joined at the chest and belly. Doctors at Stanford University’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital spent months preparing for major surgery to separate them. The girls, who were two years old at the time, were finally separated in November 2011 following an operation that lasted a full 10 hours. The most complex part of the surgery was when the doctors separated the girls’ fused liver.