Nature Conquers All In the End

Mankind maintains a complex relationship with the environment. Basically we see what we want and take it. Then when we are out of money, or it becomes inconvenient to keep it, we toss it away. Mother Nature is ticked. Nature is not a passive victim, but an active force. At the final resting place of this old fire truck, nature moves in for the kill. Nature laughs last.

Haunted or simply no longer maintained by man?

The abandoned house above gave the photographer the willies. To him, it seemed haunted. “I figure it must be haunted because I can’t figure out any other reason anyone would let a property like this fall into disrepair.” In Man vs. Nature it may often seem like mankind is winning the war. Nature, though, manages to laugh last.

Wild Overgrowth

wild growthPhoto: swainboat

When derelict and abandoned things are left to the elements, there are varying states of overgrowth. As nature reclaims objects, it is both beautiful and creepy. You can almost hear the wind whispering “Muhahaha” near this house as nature strikes back with a wild growth of vengeance.

Nature – the tunnel hacker

nature reclaims abandoned water tunnelPhoto: Pro-Zak

What was once an invaluable water tunnel, which man just had to have, is now left abandoned. The tunnel is being invaded by roots from above. There is an otherworldly vibe around ruins when nature moves in to reclaim them.

Rusty, crusty and reclaimed

nature reclaims abandoned trainPhoto: cindy47452

This railroad car was once a beloved mode of transportation. When it was no longer loved or needed, the seats were ripped out. The rusty and crusty old ride is slowly being eaten by nature. Oh yes, Mother Nature has an appetite for destruction.


Neglected by man, nature moves in to wrap around and console this bench.

Beautiful Decay

nature reclaims abandoned sanitoriumPhoto: Funky64

Nature casts an unflinching eye on the devastation human contact has already wrought and slowly moves in to overtake this abandoned sanitarium.

Inside out

When the outside comes inside, the world is inside out. The veil of vegetation creeping over structural collapse leaves bewitching ruins.

Man vs. Nature

When it snows inside, nature is winning the battle.

Mankind left…

mankind left and nature takes overPhoto: garibaldi

At one time, Beelitz-Heilstätten was a bustling hospital complex. When mankind left, nature cussed and then laughed before reclaiming the place.

Surreal reality

There begins to be signs of life in the decay. In a surreal reality, nature seems to be the one now running this abandoned mill.

School is out

Old and forgotten, this abandoned school silently decays. Nature slithers indoors to take over and have the last laugh.

Time to mow the factory floor?

Humans abandon technology and industry with hardly a backwards glance. Nature takes over the derelict factory.

Nature laughs last

nature reclaims asylumPhoto: howzey

Even at this abandoned mental asylum, nature moves in for the kill. Nature will always get the last laugh.