5 Dumbest Advertising Slogans Ever

Whenever you watch TV, it is likely that you have heard many advertising slogans that you find annoying. Here are five that seem to be the most annoying advertising slogans ever written.

Image: Steve

Hilton Hotels: Travel should take you places

Hilton should get rid of the word should and make it does or just take out the word should and make the slogan, “Travel takes you places.” Travel does take you places. It doesn’t matter how far you are going or how you are going. If you take one step from where you are, travel took you one step away from where you were.

Powerade: Liquid Hydration + Energy Drink

Hydration is usually done with pure water.  No matter what, it has to be done with something liquid. Powerade should just have said, “Hydration + Energy Drink.”


Raid: It kills bugs dead.

How else are the bugs going to be if they are killed?  Does Raid only make the bugs have extreme pain?  The word “dead” could be removed.


Turtle Wax Ice: Wax at the speed of ice

Ice isn’t fast.  Turtle Wax should have thought about that. The fastest ice flows move at one kilometer per year! That is not fast!

Image: Nancy

Tide: Style is an option; clean is not.

Whoever wrote this slogan for Tide was really not thinking. Saying that style is an option is fine.  However, by saying, “clean is not,” it is saying, “clean is not an option.” This means that the clothes (and maybe the people) need to be dirty!  Tide should replace the word “clean” with “dirty.”  Then dirty would not be an option and the clothes would need to be cleaned.