World’s First Living Billboard Blossoms

Outside Westfield shopping center stands an amazing billboard made of 800 native British plants that took two months to grow. Banrock Station Winery has partnered with Natural England to preserve 2,100 acres of wildflowers. The winery is funding the project with the proceeds from its new range of wine.

The billboard is also made from 80% recycled materials, and all of it will be dealt with in an environmentally friendly manner. The plants and earth will be transferred and put to new uses, the print parts are from Bio Print which is 100% fully biodegradable and will attract microbes to eat it, and the water pump will be used in other projects.

The “bottle” of wine is pouring out hundreds of flowers, a butterfly, a bee and the sun. Not only is it stunning to look at, it is interactive as well. The billboard has a pumping system that allows passers-by to water the plants.

The message is how important wildflowers are to our ecosystem. One third of our food is pollinated by bees and butterflies which need the nectar and pollen from wildflowers to exist.

Brandon Station Wine has created a true living testament to the environment in highlighting its partnership with Natural England and will be donating £30,000 from the sales of its three special edition wines.