Amazing Buildings that Could Clean Themselves of Toxic Pollution

What if we could erase the damage we have done to our environment? What if we could live in a grand city like Dubai, New York or Los Angeles and see clear blue skies? Could the very people who pollute the air with all of their technology also create a way to clean the toxic air they breathe?

It could be that everything we know and have become accustomed to, in terms of polluting our environment, could at the very least be lessened in the future. There is a technology currently being created called green building panels which works like a self-cleaning oven. The rain and heat from the outside weather could actually remove the toxic pollution from buildings that have coil-coated architecture.

Reynobond with EcoClean is an awesome new technology that facilitates a titanium dioxide coating (EcoClean) to the aluminum surface (Reynobond). The sun’s heat breaks down the pollutants from car emissions and the like, leaving only harmless organic matter to be washed off by the rain. The water runs off the panels evenly, leaving a freshly clean side of the building. No more window washers on skyscrapers!

pollutionPhoto: ramella

Here is a video that explains this magnificent technology. Reynobond with EcoClean explain that “1,000 sqm / 10,000 sq ft² of Reynobond® with EcoClean™ on your building can have approximately enough cleansing power to offset the smog created by the pollution output of four cars every day, which is the approximate air cleansing power of 80 trees every day.” I don’t know about you, but to me this sounds truly amazing!

Detergents to clean off dirty surfaces, particularly those laden with pollutants, are costly and not exactly great for the environment. Hydrotect has partnered with Reynobond with EcoClean to make these eco-friendly panels possible. Hydrotect is already responsible for making toilets, bathroom fixtures and bath tubs free of microbes in a natural and earth-friendly way.

Imagine, for a moment, traveling to far off lands on vacation and not seeing these awful sights.

bad smog and pollutionPhoto: yourdon

smog and pollutionPhoto: ninahale

This technology went public on May 12 at the AIA 2011 National Convention and Design Exposition.