20 Totally Off-The-Wall Homes You’ll Want To Move Into

fallingwater alternative angle Image: via Wright House

They say a man’s home is his castle, which these days often means settling for a cramped apartment in a high-rise building. There are, however, a lucky few living in abodes so awe inspiring that they’d make most of us turn green with envy. Not all of them are normal, though. Take these 20 weird and wonderful homes, for example – they’re a little out there, but most of us would love to call them our own.

piano house huianan china Image: via LiveInternet


20. Piano House

The ultimate accessory for the ostentatious musician, this house in Huainan, China, was built in the shape of a grand piano – with a huge violin leaning against it. Designed by students at Hefei University of Technology, the glass violin houses elevators while the piano’s body conceals the main living space and a roof terrace.

villa vals Image: via Villa Vals

19. Villa Vals

This stunning villa in the Swiss Alps, designed by Bjarne Mastenbroek and Christian Muller, was designed to blend seamlessly into the mountain landscape. Today, it can be rented by vacationers keen to enjoy some low-impact luxury against a beautiful backdrop.


benson ford shiphouse south bass island ohio Image: via Roadtrippers

18. The Benson Ford

When Frank J. Sullivan bought the John Dykstra, previously known as the Benson Ford, from the Ford Motor Company he intended to sail it on the Great Lakes. That, however, would have proved too expensive, so he instead had it towed to South Bass Island, Ohio, where it remains an unusual private home to this day.

upside down house Image: via Oddity Central


17. Upside-down House

This upside-down house, inclusive of topsy-turvy furniture, stands on the island of Usedom in northern Europe’s Baltic Sea. Created by Sebastian Mikiciuk and Klaudiusz Golos in 2008, the building’s become quite the tourist attraction. No doubt many visitors wonder exactly how the toilet’s supposed to work.

16. Cloud House

In Melbourne, Australia this unusual house emulates the shape of a fluffy cloud. Actually an addition to an Edwardian home, the cartoon-like pod was designed by architects McBride Charles Ryan for a private home. The inside of the 2012-built space is open plan, meaning it’s great for entertaining.


boeing 727 house portland oregon Image: via TreeHugger


15. Boeing 727 House

Engineer Bruce Campbell has a novel idea for the housing of the future – entire communities made from retired airplanes, just like this converted Boeing 727 near Portland, Oregon. He spent around $220,000 on his once-airborne abode, which offers surprisingly roomy accommodation along with all the basics like running water and electricity.

dome house melbourne australia Image: via Inhabitat

14. Dome House

This striking home in Melbourne, Australia, was designed by architects McBride Charles Ryan to resemble an oversized jigsaw puzzle. While its stand-out feature is the fragmented copper dome, the property is also eco-friendly – rainfall is collected and stored, while solar power is used for hot water.


heliodome france Image: via Remodeling Central


13. The Heliodome

Eric Wasser’s background as a cabinetmaker came in handy when designing and building this wooden eco-friendly property in rural France. By mimicking the shape of a sundial, Wasser has created a home that’s cool in summer and warm in winter.

car house salzburg austria Image: via Freshome.com

12. Car House

Love the idea of life on the road but need a little more space than the average camper van? Well, architect Markus Voglreiter could have the answer with his awesome auto-themed home in Salzburg, Austria. Inspired by the Volkswagen Beetle, the property’s quirky design somewhat belies its impressive environmental credentials.


11. Steve Skilken’s House

The idea of living in a tropical garden sounds magical, if not a little impractical, but architect Bart Price managed to bring the concept to life at this sublime house in Columbus, Ohio for real estate developer Steve Skilken. Among its features is a remarkable indoor lap pool that stretches for 75 feet.

10. The Plane Mansion

This over-the-top mansion in Abuja, Nigeria, was built by contractor Jammal Said as a tribute to his wife Liza’s love of traveling. The 100-foot-long mock aircraft incongruously incorporated into the villa’s roof, which doubles as a kitchen, also includes an office.


hobbit house wales Image: via Nerd Approved


9. Hobbit House

For desirable living without the millionaire’s bank account, this underground dwelling inspired by J.R.R Tolkien’s hobbit homes could be a solution. Built by Simon Dale for approximately $4,500, this adorable home in the U.K.’s Welsh hills, which was created from natural materials, allows Dale and his family to live in cooperation with nature.

green roofed house montreal canada Image: via Inhabitat

8. Green-roofed House

This beautiful house beside Lac Grenier near Montreal, Canada, was designed to strategically bend and curve with the surrounding landscape. Architect Paul Bernier developed the family home not only to make the most of the views, but to have minimal impact on the immediate environment.


doorless folding house belgium Image: via Inhabitat


7. Doorless Folding House

Taking its inspiration from the natural scenery in which its sits, this asymmetrical abode – known as the Folding House – in Belgium’s Maasmechelen municipality combines a clever interior with an eye-catching external aesthetic. Designed by architects Studio 59, its split-level interior is supposed to inspire creativity.

fallingwater fayette county pennsylvania Image: Daderot

6. Fallingwater

The beautiful Fallingwater in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, is widely considered one of architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s finest works. When the plot of land allocated for the building proved too small for the client’s requirements, Wright extended the home on cantilevered structures right over the adjacent waterfall.


ufogel mountain cabin Image: via TreeHugger


5. Ufogel Mountain Cabin

Always fancied a romantic hideaway in the mountains? This cabin in the Austrian Alps crams just about everything into one adorable package. Conceived by architect Peter Jungmann, the environmentally friendly property, which is used as a vacation home, features two bedrooms, a fully equipped bathroom, a kitchenette and a cozy wood burner.

flint house buckinghamshire england Image: via Inhabitat

4. Flint House

Commissioned by one of the wealthiest families in the world, Flint House won the 2015 Royal Institute of British Architects’ House of the Year award. Located on the Rothschilds’ country estate in Buckinghamshire, England, the building, created by architects Skene Catling de la Pena, uses local flint to blend with its rural surroundings.


observation house bulgaria Image: via Inhabitat


3. Observation House

Built on a hilltop in the Bulgarian countryside, this classy contemporary home offers stunning panoramic views while somehow preserving the privacy of its occupants. Designed by I/O Architects, the property boasts several bedrooms and bathrooms, a sauna, staff accommodation and an al fresco pool. There’s also a central open-plan pavilion.

black pampa house cordoba argentina Image: via The Modern House

2. Black Pampa House

Tasked with designing a suitable home for Argentina’s vast – and sometimes inhospitable – Pampas lowlands, architect Mariana Palacios came up with the Black Pampa house. Sliding doors, which have the effect of bringing the outside in, let the occupants enjoy the stunning views without having to face wild weather conditions.


ninja house tokyo japan Image: via Dezeen


1. Ninja House

When Tatsumi and Hanae Terado tasked Hiroyuka Shinozaki Architects with revamping their Tokyo home, they were presented with a design based on floating levels – all of which are accessed by ladders. Needless to say, with all that ninja-style stair climbing Mr. and Mrs. are as fit as fiddles.