The Natural Curves of Germany’s Green Bistro

Green Bistro 1Photo: Siddik ErdoganAll images used with permission of Siddik Erdogan

This Green Bistro is located in Osnabrueck, Germany. Sustainability, a healthy lifestyle and healthy green food items were the basic concepts used in the design of the bistro. Organically-shaped decor inspired by nature twists through the building, which was manufactured individually for this project.

The 100 square-meter space is the cooperative effort of Jorn Frohlich and Siddik Erdogan and has resulted in a masterpiece at the Lengermann and Trieschmann Department Store. Materials throughout the bistro include naturally enhanced plywood and white lacquered surfaces.

The contrast between calming browns and pearly whites shows a unique, well thought out design. Dotted throughout the restaurant will be sleek modern white chairs with ‘mossy’ green cushions. The atmosphere of the bistro is revitalizing even from looking through the window!

Organic shapes were chosen and all the design concepts are also functional parts of the bistro.

Food displays, tray shelves, benches and tables were all masterfully worked into the overall design. The Green Bistro is a lovely play-off between nature and surrealism.

This wave-like project is a masterpiece of sustainable architectural design, combined with a unique artistic touch.