Amazing Paper Art by Yulia Brodskaya

All images courtesy of Yulia Brodskaya

In an inspiring intersection of visual art and typography, Yulia Brodskaya fashions ribbons of paper into stunning images so crisp it seems almost impossible that they’re not digitally produced. Her masterful manipulations make us think twice about what’s possible with an everyday material that’s used and very often discarded without a second thought.

It’s hard not to heart this Heart

Brodskaya’s papergraphic creations are often saturated with bright colours, but can also be boldly black and white, or clean white on white. Her expert use of fonts and colour, coupled with the intricacy of her work, make simple messages pop off the page. It’s difficult to peel your eyes away, or not find something different each time you look at an image.

Work produced for Guardian supplement, G2
Thrifty ChristmasPhoto:

Brodsksaya says of her work:

“I’m constantly experimenting and evolving, always pushing my style in new directions: my greatest passion is to explore ways of illustration and typography.”

She even has a stylish way of promoting environmentalism, such as her Recycled Card design, which features – you guessed it – recycled cardboard. Really cool.

Recycle CardPhoto:

Even when she’s seemingly out of ideas, Brodskaya can still make create a great paper masterpiece:

Ran Out of IdeasPhoto:

Check out Yulia’s website to see additional works of amazing papergraphic art and more, some of which are below:


Bon AppetitPhoto:


With special thanks to Yulia Brodskaya for use of her images.