Amsterdam’s Moving Forest

moving forestPhoto:
Images via Dezeen

If you’ve ever been hopelessly lost in an unfamiliar place at night you’ll recognize the feelings of frustration and fear. You think that you’re on the right path but a prickling sense of uncertainty washes over you. You question your movements and double back to make sure you’re on the right track…

relaxing in the urban forestPhoto:

These are just the reactions Dutch architects NL and Droog Design were looking for when they created an installation for the Urban Play event in Amsterdam, Netherlands earlier this month. Entitled Moving Forest, the project consists of 100 trees planted in 100 shopping carts, which are left in deliberate positions in a busy urban area so that pedestrians have their path blocked. The public are then forced to interact by pushing the trolleys out of the way to get where they want to go.

Presented as part of ExperimentaDesign Amsterdam 2008, the international project was inspired by a children’s story one of the designers, Gen Yamamoto heard as a child where trees in a forest moved at night causing people to lose their way and become trapped forever.

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Knowing how pedestrians work these days, there’s no doubting it would have certainly caused some frustration, and a few bashed ankles!

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And those worried about the plight of the trees used in Moving Forest will be happy to know they found good homes with local residents once the festival was over, just in time for Christmas.

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