Captured in Morning Dew

Water worldPhoto:
Image: Harold Davis

Gazing into the future is a skill that few possess. The rest of us are left gazing at the present, which often reveals itself in most mysterious ways. One drop of rain, for example, can capture our world like a tiny crystal ball. Or for some, the following pictures may be reminders of the snow domes of childhood. Only that these cannot be shaken, only rotated.

Don’t we all live in a bubble? Water droplets on a CD reflecting a street lamp:
Bubble worldPhoto:
Image: Paul Sapiano

Not just drops in the bucket but clover reflected in morning dew:
Dew drops reflecting cloverPhoto:
Image: Dylan Parker

The image caught in this droplet could be an artwork or maybe the hem of a pretty blouse?
Colourful leave with dropsPhoto:
Image: Hausstaubmilbe

This image of a garden, caught in its miniature form, was flipped so that it looks like a garden snow globe:
Flipped gardenPhoto:
Image: Bob King

Raindrops, crystal balls and the world seen through them have inspired artists for centuries. Dutch graphic artist MC Escher’s works “Hand with Reflecting Sphere” (1935), “Three Spheres II” (1946) and “Dewdrop” (1948), for example, surely remind one of some of the images here.

When the world seems upside down…
Water worldPhoto:
Image: Harold Davis

… just turn it around:
Water world upside downPhoto:
Image: Harold Davis

A colourful flower after the rain with drops reflecting what could be a balcony:
Colourful flower with dropsPhoto:
Image: Emran Kassim

Think pink – a flower is a flower is a flower:
Pink flower reflectionsPhoto:
Image: Aussiegall

This leaf here caught a whole field of pretty yellow wild flowers:
Yellow flower gardenPhoto:
Image: Azalea Long

Window to the world – a yellow flower with the droplet reflecting it and its environment:Wild flowersPhoto:
Image: Spisharam

Those who know Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte’s painting “Golconda” (1953), in which tiny men in suits and bowler hats seem to rain from the sky, will enjoy the next photograph.

A house’s reflections raining down:
House reflected in raindropsPhoto:
Image: Eric Wüstenhagen

So the next time you get caught in a spring shower, watch for the beauty it brings along. This leaves us to end with the words of someone who brought beauty to the world, with his words:

“I to the world am like a drop of water
That in the ocean seeks another drop,
Who, falling there to find his fellow forth,
Unseen, inquisitive, confounds himself.”

— William Shakespeare

(Found accompanying Flickr user Spisharam’s excellent photograph.)