Hurricane Gustav on Deadly Course to Haiti

Hurricane GustavNASA

Travelling at 90 miles per hour (145km p/h), Hurricane Gustav is set to reap destruction as it rips across the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, home to almost 3 million people later this afternoon.

Currently sitting 100miles south-southeast of the Haiti and already more powerful than recent Tropical Storm Fay; Hurricane Gustav, the 7th terrifying storm of the year, is quickly gaining strength over the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

“On this track this hurricane should move over southwestern Haiti later today and near or just south of Cuba on Wednesday,” the Hurricane Center said. “Intense rains may produce life-threatening flash floods and mud slides.”

“Most indications are that Gustav will be an extremely dangerous hurricane in the northwestern Caribbean Sea in a few days.”

Hurricane PredictionsNHC

In recent years, Haiti has undergone extensive deforestation which raises fears of major flooding and landslides due to the shortage of vegetation which would ordinarily hold increased rainfall and soil.

Gustav is likely to grow to a category 2 storm with winds rising up to 96 mph. Hurricanes are rated from 1 to 5, with category 3 and above classified as major hurricanes and are the most destructive.

Earlier this month, Tropical Storm Fay devastated areas of the Caribbean and Florida, leaving a trail of landslides and flooding but the worst hurricane to date was Katrina, a terrifying category 5 storm which hit the Gulf of Mexico in August 2005, killing 1,500 people and razing the city of New Orleans.

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