Incredible Rock Art of El Paso

Scattered over 860 acres of Hueco Tanks State Historic Site near El Paso, Texas, are about 2000 rock paintings thought to have been created about 800 years ago.


Rust, cream and white figures dance on the rock faces, depicting life of man and beast from centuries ago. To get a glimpse of the figures visitors to the site have to crawl, wriggle and squeeze their way into narrow crevices where the original artists had the foresight to record their musings in a space protected from the elements. Little did they know that, not only did their artwork last longer than they would have ever imagined, but that it provides a wonderful story of how people once lived in that area.

Check out the clarity of color still visible in the paintings, it’s hard to believe they weren’t painted last week or that someone didn’t just nip in before the hoards of visitors arrived on site for the day.

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