Macabre Beauty: The Bizarre Art of Jessica Harrison

Permission granted by Jessica Harrison to post the following pictures

There are some very strange people out there — but I probably don’t have to tell you that! The most talented people can transform something quite ordinary and a bit passé into well, a real conversation piece!

If you like grandma’s old porcelain figurines, then Jessica Harrison’s awesome talent with transforming ordinary home décor into mind blowing art isn’t for you! However, I find the art renderings quite comical in a mockery sense. Jessica Harrison graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2005 and received her master’s degree in fine sculptures.

Harrison has had two solo exhibitions:

Jessica Harrison, 17th October – 13th November 2009, Peter Potter Gallery, Haddington

Collection, August 10th 2005 – October 9th 2005, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh

Since graduating in 2005, Harrison has been quite sought after and busy – she has had 39 shows to date.

Harrison has only had three public collections, all in the Northeast region of Europe. She has an impressive resume and to date, has collected ten of the most prestigious art awards in the world. An article on her was written by Ruth Baker in November of 2005, titled “Portfolio: Jessica Harrison”.

With her permission, I am sharing the following pictures of some of her art pieces, which can be viewed via her website in more elaborate detail at her website. skullPhoto: Jessica Harrison medusaPhoto: Jessica Harrison If you happen to be in Europe in the near future, you may have the pleasure to view one of her exhibitions. For more information and the dates, visit her website.