Milk Bottle Artist Does a Banksy


Not too many people still get their milk delivered to the doorstep but those who do have recently been waking up to a surprise with their morning milk. When they go to the doorstep they’ve found extra bottles intricately decorated with cows, sheep or mice. For months, residents have been trying to figure out who their secret deliveries are from… has the infamous graffiti artist, Banksy decided to target milk bottles instead of walls? Was the great graffiti King getting bored?

milk bottlesPhoto:

A resident in the West Midlands town of Stourbridge, in the UK, discovered one of the bottles outside her house on Monday. She spoke to the Daily Mail:

“I had heard something about this from a friend, but nobody knows who is doing it. The milkman came to collect the bottles, but I didn’t want to give him the one with the picture on it, I’m going to keep it. It might be worth something one day.”

Another resident said her son had been trying to get up really early to catch the artist at it. “But it’s like Santa – you never see them.”

Now the secret’s out. The milk bottle artist, and ex-lecturer, has been revealed to be Charlotte Hughes-Martin, a 30-year-old artist from the area. Motivated by a desire to show how ‘domestic, everyday objects can be things of beauty too’, she has happily been delivering the alternative milk bottles for months.

Charlotte Hughes-MartinPhoto:

Charlotte says: “I like to give people a surprise and make them do a doubletake when they step outside their front doors in the morning to pick up their pints of milk,” she said.

“I’ve been etching the bottles for months, then, every so often, I’ll head out one morning and drop them off at random houses all around the area.

“Everyone should be able to enjoy art in their everyday life and I just love the idea that my designs could bring a smile to someone’s face as they make a cup of tea in the morning.”

We wonder does she do requests. Can we have manta ray please?

Source: Daily Mail