Mindblowing Art Installations Beneath the Waves

Kai Otton / Scuba Canoe
All images via degourget

A scuba canoe trundles along the seabed like something out of the Wacky Races, while above the water’s surface a modern day surfer cuts back smoothly off the top of a wave. It’s a surreal concept, it’s true, and yet as art and photography it’s genius. This is just one of the incredible series of underwater art installations – dubbed Dopamine – from surf/street/skate label Insight51, featuring the combined creative handiwork of Steve Gorrow and photographer Dustin Humphrey.

Jared Mell / Tunein Dropout

In undertaking the big wave-sized challenge of building whole sets above and below the sea, Steve Garrow is said to have “embarked on a journey beneath the sea to explore the depths of the mind and creativity”. The installation above depicts an underwater shanty town, calling to mind damaged environments both urban and oceanic.

Kai Otton / Zisco

This provocative shot of a naked girl on a motorbike is another amazing piece that might convince even the water shy to join the undersea Hell’s Angels. Like the other subaquatic art installations-cum-surf action shots in the Dopamine series, this was put together in Bali, and showcases the merged talents of artist, photographer and surfer.

Jason Apparicio / The Jamaican Surf Team

This last installation is a submarine gathering attended by Insight51’s Jamaican surf team. Each of the pro surfers who lent their skills to these shots – Kai Otton, Jared Mell, Jason Apparicio and others – was equally crucial to creating the displays of “split double world madness”. If only all marketing material was as inspired as this. Yeah mon.

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