People Are Like Fleas

Image via The Cool Hunter

Adverts aren’t usually much to get excited about and often they’re an irritating nuisance. A lot of the time you don’t even realise you’re absorbing what they’re trying to tell you; they just nibble away at your attention like so many fleas. Occasionally, though, an ad is smart enough to give you a different perspective on things – like this giant floor sticker in a Jakarta shopping centre, which seems to pose the question: who are the real parasites in the bigger picture?

In Indonesia’s capital, advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi has, in the words of The Cool Hunter, “taken interactivity and creepy-crawliness to a new, flat level” with their latest creation for pet emporium JAKPETZ: “Viewed from the upper levels, the people walking on the ad look disgustingly flea-like, and the scene elicits constant reactions that sound something like ‘yikes!'” It’s a good thing humans can’t jump 200 times their own body length.

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