The Global Warming Swimming Pool

global warming poolPhoto:
Image via Neatorama

If the powers that be think the best way to educate people about the effects of global warming is by scaring the crap out of them, then HSBC would win hands down.

The leading bank joined forces with advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather (Mumbai branch) to raise awareness of the dangers of global warming. By gluing an aerial photo of a cityscape to the bottom of a swimming pool they’ve managed to create what a submerged city would look like, and boy is it scary. Cool, but scary.

global warming swimming poolImage via Neatorama

For the real deal, head to the Adelphi Hotel in downtown Melbourne, Australia. The hotel’s rooftop swimming pool cantilevers out over the busy road. Guests can swim over the edge and view the buidlings and street scene below.

adelphi melbournePhoto:
Image Harry.K

Not for the faint hearted, or vertigo prone!

rooftop swimming poolPhoto:
Image Broken Simulacra

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