Trees that Rotate by Themselves

Rotating TreesPhoto:

You’d be forgiven in thinking that these trees have been pummeled and almost uprooted as hurricane season is upon us but, believe it or not, they’re actually meant to look like that; reports Deputy Dog.

Created by the same guys who brought us the Blur Building, Diller, Scofidio and Renfro, the trees form part of an installation entitled ‘Arbores Laetae’, or Joyful Trees and count as one of 30 installations in this year’s biennial arts festival in Liverpool, UK.

Rotating Tree InstallationPhoto:

Passing members of the public are baffled when they pass the installation as, while most of the 17 trees are static, a collection of three other trees in between them all slowly rotate, disturbing and distorting people’s perception of their place in space.