Van Gogh Painting Recreated as an Amazing Living Wall

There are many ways to make things green but the National Gallery and GE’s ecoimagination project did it in a particularly inspiring way, producing a unique living wall representing of one of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings. Depicting “A Wheat Field with Cypresses”, the wall is made from 8,000 plants and can be seen in London’s Trafalgar Square!

The piece was chosen because it allowed a variety of depths and colors, and over 500 hours of work went into choosing the plants and getting the best matches for the painting. A numbered drawing was done to get the plants organized on the large wall.

This will be no easy task to keep up for the summer. It is going to take 120 to 200 liters of water a day and at least 132 man hours, but it will highlight the partnership of GE and the National Gallery in a project to reduce the gallery’s carbon footprint by 40%.

People who see the living wall can participate as well by taking photos and sending them to #GElivingwall on Twitter. All the photos will then be made into a mosaic of the painting at their Facebook page.

Needless to say, reducing carbon footprints is vital in today’s world with climate change and global warming. Wonderful pieces like this highlight the importance of it. You can see a YouTube video of the living wall being planned and put together here:

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