When Fire Meets Art!

Fire GirlPhoto: harlisk

Since caveman times, humans have been spellbound by fire. Flames and fire seem to snag our attention, even in nature when the sky seems to be on fire or when the sun kisses the water as if it were burning. Some flames are digitally manipulated for fire art. Here are some amazing examples of the element of fire turned into incredible 3D art.

Fire In The SkyPhoto: Paul(dex)

Fire WavesPhoto: raza1970

Fire WavePhoto: raza1970

Incorporating flames into fantasy art seems to give the image life. Each of these digitally altered pictures below are available as free wallpapers.

Being capable of starting fire is one of the things that supposedly sets humans apart from animals. The incredibly surreal animals below area esthetically astounding.

Combining flames with “living, breathing” animals transforms a photo into a totally out-of-the-box creation.

Fire HorsePhoto: Dhruvitd25


Fire FoxPhoto: Abdallah

Some artists use fire to express creativity while others incorporate flames into an image to experiment and grow their digital manipulation skills.

In many places on the web, there are tutorials on how to manipulate your photos with the element of fire. Here are 25 very hot Photoshop tutorials if you would like to try your hand at it.

girl on firePhoto: seastorm25

This tutorial teaches a person how to use flaming photo manipulation.

Woman From HellPhoto: NEDO

Each piece of fire art speaks about the artist. In art, fire is sometimes connected with hell or evil. Yet in the image below, heaven and hell are combined into one and set on fire. If you would like to try it, here is a tutorial for creating the Fallen Angel below.

Angel FirePhoto: Bimbo

Fire HandPhoto: zeeshan7

Rock-n-roll, guitars, death and skeletons seem to be popular choices for decorating with digital flames.

Skeleton Smashing GuitarPhoto: Appletosh

Most artists use Photoshop, but here are instructions to use Gimp for creating fiery wallpapers.

FIRE GUITAR!Photo: bigevil141

Fire-Ghost-BikePhoto: Ryan666

Here are a few more sinister examples of playing with fire.

the master of firePhoto: whitetiger

Burning for youPhoto: sewenka

Fire HeartPhoto: fireangls4

Love is sometimes referred to as a heart on fire. No matter the subject, painting with flames creates amazing 3D art.

Fire FlowerPhoto: salmas

The video below is not digitally manipulated, but it does show the force of fire and how easily we can be held spellbound. It is both beautiful and terrifying.