Beef Jerky Underpants

Image: Etsy

The next time you strip off to get down to some sweet loving and you really want to give your partner something to get hot under the collar about, you might want to try a pair of beef jerky undergarments. OK, so the pant-tastic surprise might not create the desired effect if you’re lover is vegetarian, but provided they’re a hot-blooded carnivore type, this could be a garment to really beef up your bedroom antics.

Priced at a not particularly credit crunch friendly $139, even so “brief jerky” underpants are “made to order for each specific customer from the highest quality of dried preserved meats we can find at the closest convenience store”. The untreated jerky is not for eating, but another health warning of sorts states: “Rumor has it that wearing our brief jerky undergarments will release their natural pheremones once your body heat and moisture kicks in!” Saucy.

Pick up a pair here. We were tipped off by Neatorama.