On the Trail of the Fur Trade

the fur trade infographicPhoto: claire stokoe To see a larger image click here

The idea behind this infographic was the astonishing news that fur was ‘back in fashion’ and that many fur breeders in Europe were inviting top UK designers to travel over to their farms to work on the fur for their collections. They are also asking young designers to experiment with fur in their collections, something that would have been unheard of in recent years.

This graphic follows the fur trade from the animal to the buyers and through to the designers and finally the Shops that sell it. It shows just how many animal pelts it takes to make a fur coat, which animal and how this is done.

My inspiration for this was while working on content for Richard Branson via Virgin Atlantic I came across these figures and decided to publish them as a graphic. This is to show that the luxury fur market is once again becoming a profitable enterprise, and that the cruelty behind it is alive and well.