When Groceries Become High Fashion

Food is essential to human existence. It guarantees survival. It nurtures. For some, it even comforts. A long way from the hunter and gatherer days, food has become an art form in the 21st century. In the dining world, the importance of presentation is equal to – if not more than – that of taste. Now, food has made its debut into the world of fashion with the talented works of Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia.

Best known for his campaigns for top automobile companies such as BMW, Jaguar and Audi, Fulvio Bonavia surprised the art world with his contribution A Matter of Taste, according to feature shoot, a website dedicated to the praise of talented shutterbugs. This image book features the award-winning photographer’s delicious shots of edible fashion, combining haute couture, fruits, veggies and other members of the food pyramid. After finding it in my local bookstore, I had to share the photographs that left many salivating for more.

His playfully raw style has earned many awards such as Italian Art Directors Club, International Photography Award, Europe’s premier creative awards, Luerzer’s Archive Best photographers and Photo District News – as listed proudly on Bonavia’s website.

Since the book of his edible fashion visions came out, the talented photographer has added the Mobius Award, “Photographer of the Year” in 2010 to his repertoire.

Mama always said not to play with your food. She never mentioned wearing it, right? Thanks to Bonavia for feeding us this wardrobe collection of tasty treats and making them look so good.