30 Greatest Works of Light Graffiti [pics]

Mishel Churkin

Cast your mind back to childhood celebrations when sparklers lit the night air; people everywhere drawing paths of orange and red light in the night sky, creating jagged lines and swirling patterns with nothing more than a flick of the wrist, mesmerizing anyone who looked on.

Fortunately we no longer have to wait for frantic festivities; artists have spawned a new movement in light art, or light graffiti, as it’s become known. Through time-lapse photography artists are able to capture the ephemeral, organic qualities of light making it seem somewhat more real, more alive.

Light and Linear Designs

1. This absolutely amazing image was created with light paint/graffiti brushes which the artist was just trying out for the first time. We’re sure you’ll agree the result is pretty spectacular.
Mike Learymikeleary83

2. Hot and cold linear pattern from two light sources.
Colors MishelMishel Churkin

3. A human figure appearing from the light waves.
Mishel Blue 2Mishel Churkin

4. Lights caught in a car tunnel in Santiago de Chile.
Tunnel in Chilecarmenelectric

5. This wonderful image was captured on Colorado Bvld with a long exposure and low aperature.

6. Flash, ahhhh, ahhhh…
Juan Red Streakjuanpablobravo

7. Cool results from first-time attempt at light graffiti.
Austin Fainaustin fain

8. More from Colorado Bvld.
Joseph SJoseph S

9. Colored spirits dancing in the sky.
Colored Skymloge

10. Weird red squares float across the sky like space invaders.
Mloge Redmloge

Old Skool Light Graffiti

1. Although this looks like plain old graffiti tagging it’s actually an amalgamation of lights photographed through a moving car window. Impressive.
Nicole Skarma’s a B

2. Showing street art in a whole new light.

3. Entitled Underground River, Dapplemorn; created Queen St West, Toronto.
Underground RiverTrevor Haldenby

4. Kejoli’s says ‘Hi’.

5. Captivating and ghostly.
Ghostly ManImagin’

6. Viernest makes his mark.

7. Angel or devil?
Red Manjasonr611

8. Making the dark streets a little brighter.

9. Creating a worm hole to another dimension.
Blue Circlesmloge

10. Bright soul escaping from a shed in England. The orange hue of the night sky is due to light pollution.
Etch Lightetchlight

Ghostly Patterns and Familiar Shapes

1. Dinna, dinna, dinna, dinna… Baaatman. Sorry, couldn’t help it. Batman’s logo projected onto the side of a building in Barcelona, care of Graffiti Research Lab.
Batman projectionsi1very

2. This green lamp graffiti in pedestrian tunnel looks almost other-worldly.
Green Lightforeby

3. Tracing around trees in light.
Blue Treesddqhu

4. Show us some light lovin’.
Juan LoveheartJuan

5. Who says flowers need sun?
Light Flowersddqhu

6. Light graffiti monsters coming for YOU!
Light Graffitipanavatar

7. Great balls of blue fire!
Human Bulbjasonr611

8. Waltzing Red, White and Blue.
Light Projectjasonr611

9. Glowing graffiti tag on a fence in Vista, California.
Graffiti on Fencenewdimensionfilms

10. Light graffiti spiralling out of control.