Incredible Time-Lapse Graffiti by Blu and David Ellis

Photo: vandalog

When we came across COMBO here at Environmental Graffiti, put simply we were blown away. A masterpiece of a collaboration between Bologna-based street artist and stop-motion painter Blu, and painter, film-maker and music performer David Ellis, COMBO is mesmerising, hands-on time lapse street art the like of which you might not have seen before.

Photo via Booooooom

Awesome roving camerawork documents huge great graffiti pieces being painted on the walls, floor and roofs of a derelict courtyard over ten days, and stop-motion animation techniques bring it all to life. Add weird layers of sound design and a looping pattern to melt your mind even more, and this stuff feels like the graffiti-meets-film making equivalent of avant-garde jazz. Even stacks of wood and the crumbling walls themselves become characters in the animation.

COMBO was created for the art festival Fame, held in Grottaglie, southern Italy between June and September 2009. And it seems the artists had to cope with their fair share of adversities during the time they worked like crazy on the animation, beset by mosquitoes, rain and bored assistants. Blu has done similar stuff in a previous piece called MUTO, but COMBO takes the cake. But enough talk; more watch.