San Francisco’s Incredible House Front Graffiti Murals

Artists are taking their art to the streets where they and their art become larger than life. Walls used to be a place to hang your paintings on, but nowadays, they have become the canvas. In San Francisco’s Mission District, the whole neighborhood is the gallery.

Wall art gives artists a way to express themselves, and the streets are avenues for their creativity, literally, to share and inspire the artist in everyone. It is true freedom to express feelings that at times words cannot express. Wall art also represents the culture, traditions and atmosphere that build up the flavor of a community. It gives children the opportunity to evolve with their creativity and express themselves in a spiritual and fulfilling way. After all, art is about expression.

It’s inspiring to be among these walls of creativity and passion as they elevate us to tackle our daily lives the same way, may we be a mechanic, lawyer, flipping burgers, driving the bus or just interacting with a new-found friend. Many think that creativity is God speaking, bringing out the inner thoughts and emotions, in the hope that we be understood ourselves. God, seen as the ultimate creator and artist, thus inspires to create from the shapes and colors of nature. And even though we have built monumental structures around it, it is best to utilize these walls to remind us of that richness of spirit through art.

If walls could talk, they would probably say “thank you for making us part of your imagination”.