Behold the Dog Powered Tricycle!

All Images and information courtesy of Mark Schuette of Dog Powered Scooter

dog powered trikePhoto:

Ever wondered what it would be like to participate in a dog-sled race, but never had the money or effort to go to Antarctica?

Well, today we got a fantastic email today by a guy called Mark Schuette, who has come up with an awesome invention to manage your aggressive or overactive dog. Yes guys this is for real. Behold the Dog Powered Trike and bike!

According to the Schutte, his inventions are the first urban dog-pulled devices. The best part is, that if your dog goes AWOL after those pesky cats – you’ve got the ability to break and peddle with total control.

dog powered vehiclePhoto:

The dog doesn’t need any special training, except for being comfortable with the scooter. The best way to get the nipper acclimatized (according to Schuette’s site) is simply to strap the dog in and walk along side it for 20 minutes.

Watch an awesome video of one of these contraptions in action:

Next up apparently, is the dog-powered skateboard. Just strap in the hot dog.

For more information and where you can buy one of these supercool vehicles, check out Dog Powered Scooter.