Ringtones Only Dogs Can Hear

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Aside from ninjas and samurais, Japan is also host to some of the world’s weirdest inventions. And they’ve done it again.

In order to bring something fresh and new into an overdeveloped industry, one interactive content provider from Tokyo has designed ringtones that only dogs can hear.

Dwango officials say their release is groundbreaking, but to some (myself included) it is absolutely useless. If somebody uses this ringtone, will they have to look at their dog barking insanely? What if the dog is equally annoyed by ringtones as I am? Or what if the dog isn’t there?

The service is named “Ringtones only dogs can hear” and it is available to all Dwango subscribers for free. However, if you want to download the ringtone from their website, go to dwango.jp. You might find navigating your way across the site in Japanese, easier than hearing the ringtone.

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