Light Bulbs That Flow From Taps
Images via Crooked Brains

We really try hard to give our readers new ideas on what they can do with stuff gathering dust in their cupboards like old x-rays, cardboard, cassette tapes and old t-shirts. Today, we’ll show you a stylish way to recycle your old taps. That’s right, taps. How about turning them into cool table lamps?

Piles of unused stuff clogging up people’s houses seem to be a serious problem – so serious, in fact, that the designers of DEMO Studio have made zero manufacturing costs their motto. They use ready-made materials and objects to give them “new life and meaning” through their designs.

The KOZO lighting series recycles old taps or parts of them, wires them up, puts in a bulb and voila, there’s a stylish table lamp. In fact, the bulb coming out of the tap looks so natural that one might get confused during bathroom visits.

Way to go, KOZO lights! In fact, this concept might start a new trend: show me your junk and I’ll see what I can create for you.

We first spotted the KOZO lighting series on Crooked Brains. Here’s more on recycling old x-rays, cardboard designs, cool artworks made from cassette tapes and hybrid clothing.