Vacuum Cleaners Made from Recycled Plastic Ocean Waste

Vacuum from the seaPhoto: Electrolux AB Vacuum cleaners from the sea

All images courtesy of Electrolux AB

Plastic bottles and containers, fishing nets, flip-flops and shoes, fishing cages, beach toys, Styrofoam containers, discarded oil and petrol canisters, cigarette butts, lighters and packets, rope and packing tape and countless plastic bags. Though I have mentioned here only few items that can be found in the deep sea, the list is endless and of course, courtesy of us, all human beings.

VacuumPhoto: Electrolux AB Vac from the sea design

Recently, in order to raise awareness, Electrolux AB has launched five new vacuum cleaners, made out of plastic waste collected from the oceans around the globe. Each of the vacuum you see up top represents the ocean from which the plastic originated: the North Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the Baltic Sea (from left to right).

Unfortunately, none of these are for commercial sale, but it is a unique idea of ‘plastic karma’ and a lesson for all those who love to pollute their surroundings.

Sea-GarbagePhoto: Electrolux ABSea Garbage

On one hand, we do talk about recycling and cleaning beaches and oceans. On the other, it is us who are polluting the environment everywhere. Talking about plastic, 260 million tons of plastics are produced each year and only a very tiny amount of that is recycled. Most of the plastic objects thrown or washed out to sea remain in the sea forever because of slow plastic degradation. Tiny bits of plastic swallowed by fish, sea birds and other sea animals are very dangerous.

School kidsPhoto: Electrolux ABSchool kids cleaning beach

Many local volunteers, divers and even tourists participated in the cleaning process and tons of rubbish were collected. For divers, it is a very hard task to remove plastic once in the sea. These found objects were then mounted on a hood made of industrially recycled plastic and then formed into the required shape by using hot air. All the vacuum cleaner models have been built using the same core structure and are fully functional.

Green rangePhoto: Electrolux ABElectrolux Green Range

Electrolux AB has also launched its ‘Green Range’ of vacuums that use 70% post-consumer recycled plastic and no PVC and are indeed more efficient than other models. Known as UltraOne Green, this is another important step toward raising awareness about the most serious issue of ocean garbage.

Cecilia Nord, VP-Floor Care Sustainability and Environmental Affairs, says: “By building and exhibiting a limited number of UltraOnes, made from plastic debris like shark bitten bottles, we hope to highlight a pressing issue while breathing life into the subject of recycled plastic.”

Despite the company using recycled plastic in their products, there is still no shortage of plastic garbage on land. It is shameful for all of us to know that only about 1/3rd of the Earth’s surface is land, and yet we are still capable of polluting not only the land, but also the ocean, which is much bigger than the land area. It’s time to take action. If we can’t help in cleaning up a place, we have no right to pollute it.

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