Wow…Check Out this Rack! [pics]

Bike RacksImage by: chrisjfry

Talented musician, installation artist and photographer, David Byrne – of Talking Heads fame – has long been a champion of environmentally-friendly ideas. Most recently he was asked to judge a design competition that would see a range of new bike racks designed specifically for New York City. A keen cyclist himself, Byrne was so taken by the idea that he submitted a few creations of his own.

Dog Bike Rack

The designs, made from the same square metal tubing used in ordinary bike racks, attempt to encapsulate and define various New York neighborhoods: a dollar sign sits on the walkway outside Wall Street; an electric guitar decorates the path in Williamsburg and in Brooklyn, a car near the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel.

Cup Shaped Bike Rack

David Byrne hopes that by integrating cycling with art cyclists will be seen as slightly cooler. He says, riding a bicycle “used to be completely uncool… now it’s cool in different ways: for some people it’s cool if you have an old junker, for other people it’s cool if you have a racing bike. Anyway, it doesn’t immediately relegate you to nerd status anymore.”