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Can You Name The Celebrities Behind These Epic Halloween Costumes?


It's no big deal to recognize the biggest faces in Hollywood. But things get far tricker when those same A-listers get decked out for Halloween. Their costumes tend to feature plenty of movie-grade outfits and makeup, to the point where some stars are almost unrecognizable. See how many of these spooky celebs you can identify — if you dare!

This isn't a photo of the real Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, but the people behind the costumes are showbiz royalty. Who are they?

Freddie Mercury would be proud of this costume, as well as the pipes of the person wearing it. Who is it?

This athletic Edward Scissorhands probably wouldn't win many trophies if he wore those blades 24/7. Who is it?

This Halloworm has to be one of the most disturbing costumes ever, but there's a pretty face behind it. Whose could it be?