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40 Wild Comparison Photos That Expose The Strange Side Of Everyday Life

A ladybug next to a tire. A beeper alongside an iPhone. An artist's painting skills at age 12 versus 25. By themselves, most of these things would seem overwhelmingly ordinary — side by side, however, their differences are nothing short of stunning. Though time moves so quickly that we often fail to notice the changes happening around us, these wild comparison photos prove that even the smallest transformations are incredible when you look close enough.

40. Big pupper

Time flies when you're having fun! These photos were taken when this guy's puppy pal was just eight weeks old and then again at eight months. Pretty soon, ol' Pierre here will be lifting his human instead of the other way around!

39. Powerful genes

Genetics are an incredible thing. The image on the right shows this Redditor holding her son while the one on the left is a photo of her grandmother holding her father. Amazingly, these photos were taken 63 years apart to the day!

38. A year of biking

All bodies are beautiful, but after buying her very first bike, this Texas woman was determined to make a change. This is the result of just a single year of dedicated biking. Way to go!

37. Straighten up

That looks like one serious backache! These x-rays show what this Redditor's spine looked like before and after intensive surgery. In addition to completely straightening their back, the poster also reported that the surgery added almost two extra inches to their height!

36. Becoming a werewolf

If you thought Pierre grew up fast, wait until you see this enormous doggo! The photo on the left is at 2.5 months, while the one on the right is at two years. Wolfdogs are naturally pretty large, but at this rate, we wouldn't be surprised if the next size on its growth chart is "werewolf!"

35. Pocket inequality

Good news, clothing conspiracy theorists: you were right. Big Jeans and Big Handbags are clearly in cahoots, as women's pockets can barely fit a cell phone while a pair of men's Levi's look they could probably hold a T-bone steak. JCPenney has some serious explaining to do.

34. An inspiration

Depression is one of the most debilitating conditions a person can suffer from, but that doesn't mean it can't be overcome. The first photo shows this Redditor at his lowest, while the second was taken after a year of medication and self-care. A true inspiration to us all!

33. Practice makes perfect

Persistence is the key to improvement, which explains the massive jump in this Redditor's drawing skills after only a few years of practice. From age 12 (left) to age 16 (right), this up-and-coming artist clearly never lost her love of cats!

32. Smiling through it all

Cancer is a disease that's touched nearly everyone in some way, so most of us know the difficulties that patients face on the road to recovery. These photos were taken at the beginning (left) and end (right) of this woman's chemotherapy treatment — incredibly, she managed to keep the same strong smile from start to finish.

31. Dream driveway

There's nothing like giving your yard a little TLC, though this handy Redditor gave his driveway the facelift of all facelifts. The finished product looks amazing, though somebody better stop this guy before he gets too cocky and decides to remodel the entire neighborhood!

30. Emo phase

Let's face it: we all went through some kind of "phase" as angsty teens. This couple first bonded over a love of all things emo, though looking back, it's safe to say the biggest thing they have in common now is regretting those bangs.

29. Half-and-half water

Unfortunately, this isn't some kind of half-flat, half-sparkling water produced by the same folks who put peanut butter and jelly in the same jar. In reality, this is what happens when you pour sparkling water over tap water. Isn't science cool?

28. Staircase

The staircase on the left is centuries old, and that wear and tear is from only foot traffic over the years. It's amazing to think how many people walked up and down them.

27. A walk across China

If you've ever wondered what you'd look like after hiking across China, then look no further. Back in 2008, Christoph Rehage made the almost 2800-mile journey from Beijing to Ürümqi completely on foot. Safe to say, he needed a trip to the barber by the end of it!

26. Changing like the weather

You've probably heard the old expression about "changing like the weather" — well, this was probably the weather being referred to. These photos show a time-lapse of this Redditor's backyard in the Netherlands over the course of a single afternoon. By the looks of it, they were probably better off just staying inside.

25. Double take

Here, we once again witness the power of genetics, as the photo on the left is not of the same guy on the right — it's his dad! In each photo, the subject is 20 years old, though, incredibly, they were taken 39 years apart.

24. Evolution of cell phones

After digging through a junk drawer, this Redditor's parents fished out what was essentially the evolution of cell phones. Remember the days of devices with actual buttons instead of touch screens? Most kids these days wouldn't even recognize half of these phones.

23. Beating addiction

Like overcoming depression, conquering substance abuse is not only possible but can lead to a complete and total transformation. The first picture shows this Redditor at the peak of her opiate addiction, while the second is of her clean and sober. Amazing!

22. Green thumb

Most people who own plants either kill them immediately or nurture them until they're practically 100 years old — this Redditor appears to be in the latter group. The photo on the left shows their plant as just a shrub, while the one on the right is that same plant still going strong five years later. Talk about a green thumb!

21. Do you want to play a game?

While the SFX makeup on the left is pretty darn good by amateur standards, this Redditor still felt the need to kick things up a notch. From age 16 to 24, their skills went from Halloween costume level to pee-your-pants scary. We definitely do not want to play a game with the Saw puppet on the right!

20. Dirty dogs

Here's what happens when you get Fido all hopped up on kibbles and then send him over to his friend's yard to play after a rainstorm. Looks like someone needs the power wash treatment!

19. Pregnancy pals

This is probably the most unlikely pregnant pair around, though the similarities don't end there. In addition to being pregnant simultaneously, this woman and her cat BFF both gave birth to their babies at the exact same time!

18. Same age, different sizes

Believe it or not, both of the kids in this photo are 13 years old! When puberty comes knocking, you better buckle up and get ready for a growth spurt like no other.

17. Microcomputer

Ladies and gentlemen, we have for you the world's smallest computer saddled up next to a grain of rice! That's right, technology is absurd. You probably wouldn't want that machine in your home office, however.

16. School daze

This young lad on the left is getting ready for his first day of elementary school. The same man is standing on the right after finally completing teacher training. You deserve that confident wave, buddy.

15. Old devices

Not that long ago, you needed everything in the top photo to peruse the Internet, listen to music, make calls, and video record. Now, all of its done on a pocket-sized rectangle.

14. Yard renovation

No one wants to walk out their back door and see a yard that looks like the photo on top. But, with some hard work and a lot of time, anyone can make their backyard a great place to lounge.

13. Changing leaves

This is a photo of a tree before the change of leaves during the fall and then after. But, incredibly, the pictures were only snapped 11 days apart! Fall swooped in fast and did some serious work here.

12. Serious snowfall

This is one of the most ridiculous amounts of snow ever! Check out how tall that sign is compared to the snowboarder on the left side. After the storm, the guy could touch it!

11. Frozen come to life

In 2013, a brutal winter ice storm hit this lighthouse. It was battered over and over by massive freezing waves until the end result was something straight out of the movie Frozen.

10. Dolphin smarts

Look at the size of that dolphin brain! It's no wonder scientists say they're nearly as smart as humans. It's also why sharks often lose when dolphins challenge them to an aquatic game of wits.

9. Smile for Rob

How mad would you be looking back on your wedding photo only to realize your wife was way more stoked on the day she met Rob Lowe. But honestly, who wouldn't be?

8. Seasonal sweets

These are three jars of honey harvested from the exact same hive at different times throughout the year. It makes you wonder how different they taste. It seems like the stuff on the right would be way richer in flavor.

7. Hummingbird feeding

This adorable baby hummingbird is barely the size of a raspberry. And, funny enough, as the bird's nestled in the palm of this hand, it assumes the shape of the fruit too!

6. Spitting image

The man on the left is the grandfather of the man on the right, and the pictures were taken 70 years apart. Not only is their physical resemblance uncanny, but they're both studying in medical school.

5. Valentine's purchases

This photo was taken on Valentine's Day. The first guy in line is doing things the right way: flowers and pink cupcakes for the spouse. The guy behind him, buying whiskey and fried chicken, either had the best date ever planned or no date at all.

4. Taller than Godzilla

The Kokonoe “Yume” Grand Suspension Bridge in Japan has a diagram showing visitors just how high in the air they are. If you look closely you realize the bridge even looms over Godzilla! Now people know where to go if he attacks again.

3. Week's worth of food

This is the work of the greatest meal-prepper our world has ever seen. All that chaotic mess in the photo above broke down perfectly into a week's worth of food. The massive effort was totally worth the reward.

2. Sad Simba

"Not amused" is exactly what this cat's face says. Someone watching The Lion King wanted to reenact that classic scene where Simba gets lifted up on Pride Rock, but this guy isn't feeling the same enthusiasm.

1. Height gap

At 7’7’’ and 5’3’’, Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues had the most noticeable height gap of any players in NBA history. They were teammates on the Washington Bullets in 1987 and proved height isn’t a determining factor for basketball excellence.