13 Sublime Images of Animals Face-Offs

These amazing images are all from the photography book “In Pursuit of the Sublime” from 1x. Among their 200 photos, these are standouts of animals interacting with each other and in a couple of cases, with us. Photography gives us the ability to see the special fleeting moments in nature that too often pass by us unnoticed.

13. Captured
The vole or mouse in the first photograph was caught on the fly; you can just see him captured in the owl’s talons, scooped up even as he tunneled into the snow.

12. Lunch
Lizard with insectPhoto: © Eigil Rasmussen

This is an incredible image of a lizard swallowing its lunch! Notice how there is a white line that seems to follow the lunch all the way down the esophagus to the stomach.

11. Beauty and the Beast
Stick InsectPhoto: © Fabien BRAVIN

What a contrast between the stick insect and the ladybug beside him! One is lovely in her colors and the other… a dried up old stick, pun intended.

10. Face Off!
Praying MantisPhoto: © Devid Camerlynck

It is hard to tell who the aggressor is here, the praying mantis or the spider, but both are lightning fast.

9. Bath Time
Man and YakPhoto: © Ario Wibisono

What an amazing image of some fun with your bull. The photographer caught the water throwing to perfection and the farmer aimed perfectly as well.

8. David and Goliath
EaglePhoto: © Marcin Nawrocki

The hawk and the small blue bird look as mismatched as an elephant and a mouse on a seesaw.

7. Peek-a-boo
If only that glass wasn't there!Photo: © Johan Lind

I suspect this bird is enjoying a close-up view of the cat. After all, how often can they safely stare into a cat’s eyes and drive them crazy?

6. Why me?
It's a monster!Photo: © Jeannette Oerlemans

The pained, quizzical look on the duck’s face is priceless. He just wants this silly dog to stop following him.

5. Bubbles, Ladybird and Snail

A beautiful still life of a curious ladybug examining a snail’s shell. Magic.

4.Home Sweet HomeSnailPhoto: © Aleksander Smid

t looks like this snail has found his new home!& The close scrutiny it’s giving it is love at first snail cuddle.

3. Here’s Looking at You.

Now, that is a unique way to give a chicken a bath! Definitely a face off here.

2. I am not speaking to you any more!Marital argumentsPhoto: © adrifil

Grumpy Mr. Owl has made Mrs. Owl sad. Perhaps the argument was over a particularly delectable strip of mouse or who got which side of the nest?

1.Thunder in the Snow
Stallions facing offPhoto: © Bernadette Heemskerk

Two beautiful stallions, rising up and fighting each other. For a lady perhaps?

These and 150 more images of the sublime, the beautiful and the incredible can be found at: “Pursuit of the Sublime” at 1x.com.

A special thank you to 1x for permitting us the use of these images.

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