5 Popular Myths About Tigers Debunked

The tiger is an animal quite famous among people for its strength and fierce eyes. In addition, due to its colorful and smooth fur, this animal is impossible to confuse with any other. Over the years, people have come up with additional myths regarding tigers. Have a look at some of the best:

1) Tigers have unlimited strength

Some legends say that tigers have unlimited strength and power. Hence, their vigor will fight against evil. This assumption is often highlighted in Nepalese mythology. The Nepalese believe in animal powers and the tiger is one of them. Furthermore, there are additional legends about tigers usually available in the Chinese culture and tradition, as well as the Korean.

2) White tigers are from Siberia

This is another myth invented by people implying that the white tiger skin is a camouflage to protect them from the cold. The truth is, the white tiger is originally from India and its powerful fur has nothing to do with weather conditions but with nutrition.

3) There are no black tigers on Earth

This affirmation is completely wrong. The black tiger exists and can be found in Bengal.

Animal Yawning 7Photo: kin0be

4) Tigers attack humans

People usually think that tigers attack humans but the assumption is an absolute myth. No tiger has any attraction to humans, unless they did something to the animal. Moreover, tigers usually mind their own business and they rather run away from the people.

Liger1Photo: Ali West

5 Tigers don’t like water

The myth that tigers don’t like water started because of their arid living conditions. In fact, tigers are excellent swimmers and they constantly need water to be hydrated. In addition, tigers like water because they feel the need to cool off, especially because they have such thick fur and they hunt every day.