6 Badass Facts You Never Knew About Dolphins

And this one’s not even trying to be badass

Everybody loves dolphins, but nobody appreciates just how badass they truly are. I’m here to change that.


6. Dolphins evolved from land animals, predators resembling wolves

Aww.. it looks like a little puppy

When most people think of evolution they picture fish sprouting legs and walking on land. Dolphins don’t give a XXXX what most people think. They’ve seen land and had legs and decided all that was for sissies. No, the dolphin’s level of badassery was far too great to be restricted by gravity. And since air is basically just an incredibly more boring version of water, the dolphin chose to evolve back into a sea creature and see what chaos it could unleash in the murky depths of the scary, unforgiving ocean.

As you can see from this picture, all four limbs are still quite visible in the dolphin’s embryonic stage.