Awesome Life Size Blue Whale on the Web

Blue Whale SkeletonPhoto:
Blue Whale / Life Size
Photo ­ WDCS

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society have an extraordinary photograph online: a life size image of a Blue Whale. You can travel leisurely over the entire leviathan for as long as your dreams allow.

Adult Blue Whales grow to over 100′ long, weigh up to 170 metric tons, and may live to 150 years. Nothing this big ever lived on land. The largest dinosaur was the plant eating Argentinosaurus that lived in South America during the Middle Cretaceous. Argentinosaurus grew to 110′ long and weighed up to 100 metric tons.

Recent observations that the Blue Whale might be staging a comeback from what many experts judged to be certain extinction have been reported in EG, see Source #4. Today, go to the WDCS web site, and be held spellbound!

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