Bees Can Translate Other Languages

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It’s a well known fact that honeybees are able to communicate using a series of dances. Recent research shows that bees, unlike many humans, are willing and able to communicate with bees from other continents by mimicking their movements.

This news comes after bee specialists conducted a number of experiments which showed that honeybees from Asia can communicate with their European relatives. Together, they can locate food sources when sharing the same hive.

Until know it was known that honeybees all gave out the same range of information by using different dances, but new research revealed the existence of ‘dialects’. The research team said that Asian honeybees could quickly interpret the dance of the European subspecies when they exchanged information regarding the locations of food sources.

Dr. Songkun Su, the research team leader, concluded that their “behavior is a valuable reference for human society.” Obviously, the hive mind is more advanced and subtle than we first thought.

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