Deadly Killer Bees!

Killer bees are a hybrid of European honey bees and the African honey bee. Officially, they are called Africanized honey bees, as they are descendants of 26 Tanzanian queen bees accidentally released in Brazil in the ’50s. Regular American or European bees have been bred to be gentle; but because African bees have had to fight more to save their hives – from other hostile insects, the honey badger, and humans who came to rob them – they have evolved a natural ferocity. Killer bees swarm further, are more aggressive and are easier to anger…

killer beePhoto: Austinevan

There are many public misconceptions about killer bees, one of the main ones being the notion that the sting itself is more powerful or more poisonous than that of regular honey bees – which isn’t true. However, if there are more bees and they are more aggressive, victims will receive more stings, which can cause a much stronger reaction!

Above is a video of presenter Steve Backshall, from the show Deadly 60 on BBCEarth, filming killer bees 100 feet up in the air!