Disturbing Images of Genetic Mutations in Animals

Cyclops kitten

In recent years the increase in the number of reports of animals being born with genetic defects has almost tripled. Scientists state that the deformities could be caused by several factors including inbreeding, parasites and pollution that permeates the skin.

Image: brainyone

A kitten named Cy was born with a defect called holoprosencephaly. Animals born with holoprosencephaly are born with one eye and an unformed brain. Little Cy, adorable despite his deformity, sadly lived less than twenty-four hours after his birth.

A piglet owned by Llu Shuping, a pig farmer in Northwest China, has one head, two mouths, two noses, and three eyes. In China the little misfit is a television celebrity.

A white lion is a rare sight. This particular lion, known as Ghost, calls the Savanna Game Reserve in South Africa home. White lions are so rare that when discovered they are taken into protective custody to protect them from poachers.


A two-headed turtle calls an Aquarium in Pennsylvania home.


A genetic mutation has left this small kitten born in Perth, WI with two complete faces. Despite its deformities it is an affectionate kitten that constantly purrs with happiness.

Only one in a million cats is born with two heads, however the deformity appears to be quite common among snakes, turtles and salamanders. There has also been an increase in domestic farm animals being born with either extra limbs or two heads. Experts believe it could be linked to pesticides used on crops. Scientists cannot positively link the cause of these deformities, but the increase in genetic mutations in animals is quite startling. Then again, as the old adage says, ‘Two Heads Are Better Than One!’