Dog Swallows Poison Toad and Lives to Bark Again
Image via wikipedia

Instead of eating the leftovers, rugby league player Jason Crews’ dog went a step further: it swallowed a cane toad hole. After 40 minutes in the dog’s stomach, the toad finally saw daylight again and it miraculously hopped away unharmed.

Usually when under attack, cane frogs release deadly toxins, which could easily kill large dogs. Crews phoned the animal hospital seconds after understanding the problem and was instructed to bring the dog immediately. Once there, doctors gave the dog some substances that made it vomit. On the first attempt, nothing came out except for stomach churned pie and pasties. However, the vets persisted and on the second attempt, the toad was released.

To the vets’ amazement both animals survived. Usually, dogs and cats aren’t that lucky when swallowing cane toads. Even more astonishing, was the fact that the toad survived 40 minutes in dog’s stomach.

After the ordeal, the vets kept the toad in the hospital and named it Spew. At which point, we can’t help saying “Awww.”Sources: 1, 2,Video

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