“Get them! Get them!” Man Orders Albino Python To Attack Police

Victor Rodriguez from Bridgeport, Conn., seemed to mistake his pet python for a dog the other day, when he ordered it to attack a policeman.

He started to threaten his girlfriend with the snake, ordering it to attack her. To start off with, it was probably a light joke, but as the “situation” gradually evolved, it got out of hand. She obviously didn’t find it that funny (who would) and called the police. A few minutes later, the officers arrived.The building superintendent opened the apartment door and the policemen went in to apprehend Rodriguez. Yet they were to face an ever weirder threat…

When they entered the apartment, one officer claims that the 21 year old Rodriguez threatened them with the pet reptile, telling it to “Get them!”

Unfortunately for Rodriguez, pet albino pythons are not very keen to follow orders and it preferred not to attack the policemen. Victor Rodriguez was charged disorderly conduct and with threatening police. He was sent to jail on a $10.000 bond and the python was brought to Bridgeport’s animal control shelter.

The moral of the story is, if you’re stupid or nutty enough to want to get your pet to attack police, get a dog, ‘cus albino pythons ain’t worth it.Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5