Man Uses Bear Spray in Bar, Jailed

A man from Kodiak, Alaska has been sentenced to five months in jail for discharging a canister of bear spray in a bar twice in two days.

angry bearPhoto:
He just wanted a pint, man! Image from geunterlietenbauer on Flickr

Daniel Perment claims both incidents at the B&B Bar were fueled by his alcohol consumption. He has even written a letter apologizing to his fellow patrons for, you know, hitting them a pepper spray designed to stave off bear attacks two nights in a row.

Police had originally been in the process of detaining Mr. Perment on the 9th of February, but were called away to a more urgent matter, leaving the delinquent drunkard and his bottle of bear spray free to continue their reign of terror again the next night, when it was finally convenient to the local peace officers to bring him in.