Man Walks Out of Aquarium With Crocodile; Nobody Cares

Occasionally, a criminal act so audacious will take take place that I think the criminal should simply be let off without punishment; train robberies, hits on Las Vegas casinos– and now the theft of a crocodile from the Bergen Aquarium in Oslo.

1338373281436391588.jpgImage from lunarsea71 on Flickr

The croc, named “Taggen”, was of a species known as caymans, and apparently those are somewhat smaller than the above photo.

Being only 2.3 feet long, it’s thought the South American native was smuggled out the door in a duffel bag, the better to keep it out of sight but away from the fingers of our intrepid crook. The aquarium, which is offering a reward of 25,000 Norwegian Crowns, is afraid that the stress of being away will kill the animal.