Meet the Nostradamus of the Octopus World!

Paul the Psychic OctopusPhoto: Tilla

Every four years, the soccer World Cup brings drama, passion, conspiracy and beautiful football. This year, however, the world’s best players shared the stage with Paul, the world’s most intelligent octopus. Believe it or not, Paul the Octopus has predicted, all the way down to Germany’s loss, the path the Germans would take in the World Cup.

Suspicious of yet another “psychic” claim? Wary of another Mrs Cleo? Paul has made not one single mistake for the German side. Rumors had it that today would be the end of the mysterious sea-creatures run of correct predictions. Also, one would figure that the Germans would eventually be annoyed with the creature, and ask for it to be turned into dinner. Well, it turned out that Paul was right again.

Oracle OctopusPhoto: Tilla

Following his final sports prediction was made for this year’s tournament, Paul lives to predict another match someday. With such a successful run, one has to wonder if Paul, your common octopus, is one of a kind or if his fellow sea-critters share his talent. Either way, Paul is one in a long line of animals that defy logic! Next thing you know, you may see ads for Paul’s Psychic Reading in your local newspaper.

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