Mexican Mole Lizard: The Weirdest Creature on Earth

Meet the strangest lizard of all times, the Mexican Mole lizard. The Mole lizard is located in the California peninsula in Mexico. Many experts believe that this strange critter is the missing link between snakes and lizards.

The Mole lizard has rings, so it greatly resembles an earthworm. It is sometimes referred to as a mole-limbed worm-lizard. The Mole lizard is a burrower and surfaces only at night or after heavy rains. It has only two clawed feet that it uses for digging and catching its prey.
Mole LizardPhoto: crusader

The Mole lizard is found in burrows beneath mesquite trees. Its skin is pale pink or at times an orangish pink, with a white belly. Adults can reach lengths of eight inches from head to tail. The latter, by the way, can separate from the lizard’s body if it needs to escape from predators.

The Mole lizards diet consists of ants, termites, larvae and earthworms. It will also eat small animals including other lizards and ground dwelling-insects. The Mole lizard eats and mates underground. The female lays four eggs in early July, which take about eight weeks to hatch.
Mole LizardPhoto: axoloti

Little else is known about these illusive creatures. Sightings are as rare as this critter is unusual in appearance.

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