Monkeys Smoking: Funny Gimmick or Deadly Epidemic?

monkeysmoke1Photo: unknown

Human beings have had a harsh impact on our environment ever since the day we first discovered fire. Examples of the detrimental effects on our planet, which we have only ourselves to blame for, include pollution, deforestation and global warming. Our greatest atrocity, however, could very well be our unintended social influence over our ape brethren.

SophisticationPhoto: shiffler27

It is no secret that smoking makes you look cool. Personally, I make sure to smoke at least three packs a day to keep up my public image. But what you may not know is that some studies have been done that suggest inhaling the toxic fumes from burning tobacco may actually be bad for your health.

While I am fully confident that my healthy, god-like human body is in no danger from these supposed tobacco side effects (my bloody coughing spasms are most likely due to asthma) I do worry for our lesser evolved, excessively hairy animal friends.

chimp smokePhoto: Reuters

It’s impossible to know exactly how many apes indulge in this sinful activity, most likely because those evil ‘Big Tobacco’ companies don’t want us to know. However, my personal estimates put the number somewhere in the hundreds of millions. Let me state that again in bold italics so that you can fully grasp the seriousness of what I just said: Hundreds of Millions.

Aside from the health risks, these poor slaves of nicotine suffer the same ill effects as most human drug addicts. Most live in poverty, many are even homeless… some resort to eating discarded food and even bugs just to stay alive.

It saddens me to see our primate buddies in such desperate conditions. Personally, I blame the media.

MrTeenyPhoto: TedsBlog