Monsters of Taxidermy? Errm…well…actually no.

Recently we put up a post called monsters of taxidermy with a provoking photo. We wanted to know your opinions about what you thought of it: whether it was cruel, pointless or actually beneficial. The responses we got were many and varied. Some of you despised the idea and sent us one word expletive emails! Others just accepted the title for what it was and didnt have much to say. However, we thought one answer stood out from the crowd for two reasons. Firstly, they wrote their answer publicly, instead of emailing us and second they didn’t accept the title at face value. The winning answer from Xnobxt2con is printed below!

Taxidermy by environmental graffiti
The upside of taxidermy is that it brings people closer to animals we never can see or touch in the wild. Think, Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, CA.

“Havesting” animals equals “Bad” (especially with PETA in mind). Live animals, even more so.

BUT, there is the thought that the creative amalgamation of “naturally-dead” animals makes for a provocative and jarring disconnect with the sensibilities (Surrealism, Dada, etc.)

These chimeras could be considered a form of protest, to disturb the viewer into contemplating nature.

To add, the beloved Dr. Suess (Prof. Theodore Geisel) created these sort of beastly creations for fun… just sayin’.