Radical Surfing Rodents

surfing mousePhoto:
Images via Oddity Central

We’re used to the weird and wonderful here at Environmental Graffiti but even we did a double take when we came across a mouse hanging ten. Yes, that’s right, a surfing mouse.

Australian surfer Shane Wilmott has trained his four pet mice to ride the waves. Using their tails as rudders, the mice are set on custom-made mice-sized boards – no glue or ties, they can jump off at any time – and are let loose on the water.

surfing rodent

Bunsen, Harry, Curly and Chopsticks we’re taken to the beach one day and owner, Shane says they took to the sea likes ducks to water. And in case anyone is aghast at the very thought of pet mice surfing, they’re never taken out when the water is too cold and are rinsed afterwards with fresh water.

Check out the video made by producer Justin Gane:

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